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Expansion and Contraction
Cellular PVC may expand or contract due to changes in temperature. You should allow for this movement when fastening Vi-LUX mouldings and trim. You can minimize the movement of PVC trim by observing proper fastening techniques along the entire length of the trim.
• Allow 1/8" per 12' length of product for expansion and contraction (1/16" at each end).
• Scarf joints work well to minimize seams and allow expansion and contraction.
• Gluing the joints (such as butt joints) will help eliminate separation caused by expansion and contraction.
Vi-LUX exterior mouldings and trim come with factory applied Vi-GUARD® coating in natural white and do not require painting
for protection. If you want to paint it a custom colour, follow these important guidelines:
• As with any surface to be painted, the trim must be clean, dry and free of chalk, grease, oil, dirt and mold or mildew.
• Apply a 100% acrylic latex paint with an LRV (light re ecting value) of 55 units or higher. (Generally, the higher the LRV, the lighter the colour. The LRV of a particular colour should be listed next to the colour on your paint dealer’s colour chart).
• For paint colours with an LRV of 54 or lower, you must use a paint that has been speci cally developed for application on PVC. Sherwin- Williams VinylSafe Color Technology is available in their SuperPaint Exterior and Duration coatings.
• In every case, follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations for use and application of the paint.
• Due to the extended cure times of paint applied to PVC cellular trim, we recommend installing Vi-LUX mouldings and trim  rst and then painting it unless the trim is painted in a professional pre nishing operation and allowed to cure completely.
Tips on Painting
• To obtain adequate paint adhesion, be sure the surface of the Vi-LUX Trimboard is clean, dry and free of dirt, loose or peeling paint, mildew, chalk, grease and any other surface contaminants before applying paint. Use a mild detergent (Spic and Span®) and water or denatured alcohol for cleaning.
• Paintcantakeupto30daystofullycuredepending on outside temperatures and humidity conditions.
• Follow the paint manufacturer’s surface preparation and application recommendations.
• If you paint Vi-LUX a dark color you must  rst remove it before applying a lighter color paint with an LRV of 55 units or greater.
AVOID using dark colors of paint (which can lead to increased product expansion due to heat gain), which voids the Vi-LUX warranty. If dark paints are used, use a paint that has been speci cally developed for application on PVC such as Sherwin-Williams Vinyl Safe Color Technology paints. AVOID stains, oils/alkyd paints and primers or vinyl-based paints.
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