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Installation and maintenance
The following guidelines are intended to help contractors and installers obtain the most professional and long-lasting results when
working with Vi-LUX products.
Obey all safe-work practices, including wearing safety boots, goggles and construction helmets. When cutting or sanding product, wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust. Ensure adequate
ventilation when gluing, caulking or painting. Follow all manufacturer’s recommendations and warnings.
Vi-LUX products are more
 exible than wood, so it may conform to uneven surfaces, particularly in warm weather. Store Vi-LUX mouldings and trim up off the ground on a  at, level surface. Product stored outside should be covered to keep the product clean. If it does get dirty, clean after installation. Vi-LUX mouldings and trim should be stored away
from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Vi-LUX mouldings and trim can be cut using standard woodworking power tools. Keep blades sharp for best results. If clamping when cutting, use blocks to avoid marking the products. Best results are obtained using saw blades designed for cutting
wood or plastic. A 32-tooth carbide- tipped blade is recommended with circular saws. To maintain a smooth edge, support the trim across its entire length when you cut it.
AVOID rapid sawing or  ne-tooth blades to reduce heat build-up.
You can drill Vi-LUX mouldings and trim with standard woodworking drill bits. Do not use bits made for rigid PVC. Avoid heat buildup from excessive friction, and remove the shavings from the drill hole frequently.
For crisp, clean edges, use a carbide-tipped bit on a router.
Gluing Vi-LUX products
to Vi-LUX products or
other PVC: Never use
adhesives alone to fasten Vi-LUX mouldings and trim to a substrate. However, to bond joints such as corners, window surrounds, and long fascia runs, use products such as Gorilla PVCTM or Bond & Fill®.
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