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Cellular PVC
“We are thrilled that our door jambs are now Miami Dade County and Florida Building Code approved products. This approval allows our customers to use Vi-LUX products in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone.”
Vi-Frames® Exterior Door System
Ready to Stain to Complement Fiberglass and Wood Doors
Vi-LUX manufactures and markets maintenance-free cellular PVC products for use in housing and light industrial construction applications across North America. For more than 20 years, Vi-LUX Building Products Inc. has continued to focus on manufacturing components and custom pro les for the door and window industry.
Vi-LUX Building Products Inc. delivers consistent high-quality, broad product variety and, working together with our customers, just-in-time delivery to meet their needs. Customers count on our continuous product and process development to produce products consistent with ever-evolving consumer demands.
Vi-LUX PVC trim and moulding products have shown excellent results in all North American climates. The state of Florida has a uni ed code composed of two sections with product approval systems for each section. The state section includes 65 of 67 counties. The High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) is geographically de ned as Dade county (Miami) and Broward county (Fort Lauderdale) only* where the wind speeds can reach 146 mph. And now Vi-LUX products have been approved for this zone.
The Vi-LUX door frame system combines the strength and convenience of wood door frames with the enhanced properties of 100% cellular PVC. As cellular PVC millwork continues to grow as the preferred alternative to wood in many building applications – because of its ability to resist the elements and its cost effectiveness – so is Vi-LUX. We are dedicated to delivering the best product and customer service at great prices, and supporting our customers’ growth.
For more information on Vi-LUX Building Products Inc., please contact us at (613) 354-4830, by email or visit us online at
– Arkadi Bykhovsky, President and CEO Vi-LUX Building Products Inc.
* As Florida is a hurricane prone state, it requires a higher standard for performance of products, materials and systems of construction. The Florida Building Commission (FBC) administers the Florida Product Approval System.

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