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Cellular PVC Trim & Moulding

Technical information

Diversity of uses

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a material that can – when combined with appropriate additives – be used to form finished products as diverse as:

  • Flexible or rigid medical devices
  • Electrical cable insulation and sheathing
  • Rigid and flexible pipes
  • Foam and window profiles

Growing popularity

PVC, or vinyl, is among the most important plastic materials in use by industry today. Vinyl ranks as the most versatile plastic on the market – primarily because it’s the only polymer that is mixed with other ingredients before being formed into a product. With the use of various additives, vinyl compounds are formulated to make tough, rigid items like pipe, and flexible products like vinyl membrane. Depending on additives used, vinyl products can be crystal clear, opaque or virtually any colour. Vinyl popularity in these markets rests on its competitive, stable cost base and wide processing capabilities. These include:

  • Ease of moulding or shaping
  • Durability under all extreme environmental conditions
  • Excellent mechanical strength and toughness
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Good chemical and electrical resistance
  • Effectiveness as a barrier to gases
  • Superior flame retardant characteristics
  • Easy to colour and decorate

Stable and durable

The combination of PVC and its various additives is referred to as a PVC compound. One of the more important additives used in PVC compounds is PVC stabilizer. PVC is a thermoplastic material, meaning heat is required in order to soften it and allow it to be shaped, usually by extrusion or injection moulding, after which it is cooled to maintain its shape. Normally, the unaltered PVC molecule will break down and degrade when heated to the required softening temperature, and this results in discoloration and ultimately the loss of useful physical properties. Stabilizer is added to protect the molecule during heating in the manufacturing process. It enables the desired shape to be formed while preserving the PVC’s appearance and physical properties. Stabilizers also work with other additives in PVC compound, such as Titanium Dioxide, to help the final product resist the long-term effects of weathering.

Weathering explained

Weathering is defined as the discoloration, disintegration, wear or other adverse effects resulting from prolonged exposure to the outdoor elements. Weatherability is a measurable characteristic that reveals how well a product performs during exposure to ultraviolet light, rain, snow, high and low temperatures, humidity, environmental pollution and acidity in the air.

How is a weatherable product created? As mentioned above, various ingredients are added to resin to form a PVC compound. These additives, including UV inhibitors, pigments and TiO2 (titanium dioxide), all contribute to protecting the PVC from degradation and unacceptable discoloration – hence a stable, weatherable product. Additional additives provide impact resistance, anti-brittling and improved strength characteristics. Each formula is compounded and processed consistently to achieve the desired long-term durability.

The Vi-Lux approach

Vi-Lux Building Products Inc. operates a state-of-the-art extrusion facility and controls every aspect of the extrusion process, from raw materials to finished product. The process starts with our proprietary blending formulation. Developed from years of experience and millions of feet of extruded mouldings, our blended formulation has stood the test of time. Our work on advanced materials and formulations, and our sophisticated quality control program ensure proper processing. All materials are mixed in a computerized mixing facility that delivers consistent, high quality compound to each extruder. Our state-of-the-art extruders enable Vi-Lux Building Products Inc. to produce premium quality profiles efficiently for customers across North America. By combining high-volume extruders with steel extrusion dies and coordinated downstream sizing and cooling equipment, Vi-Lux produces a wide range of superior quality cellular PVC trim, window and door components and custom profiles.