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Cellular PVC Trim & Moulding


Product Properties

Density (grams/cm3) Average 0.546 ASTM D792
Water Absorption (%) Average 0.77% (2 hours) ASTM D570
Water Absorption (%) Average 1.00% (24 hours) ASTM D570
Dimensional Stability 0.50% ASTM D4726
Heat Deflection Average 68.5°C (155.3°F) ASTM D648
Flame Spread Index 5 ASTM E84
Smoke Development Index 900 ASTM E84
Flammability Designation: HB ASTM D635
Direct Nail Withdrawal Average 63 lbf ASTM D1761
Direct Screw Withdrawal Average 335 lbf ASTM D1761
Coefficient of Lineal Thermal Expansion Average 2.63 X 10(-5) ASTM D696
Lead Content No Lead Detected ASTM E1753
QUV Weathering Test 500 hours DE 0.67 ASTM G154
QUV Weathering Test 1,000 hours DE 1.31 ASTM G154
QUV Weathering Test 1,500 hours DE 1.51 ASTM G154
QUV Weathering Test 2,000 hours DE 1.28 ASTM G154