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Cellular PVC Trim & Moulding

Glossary of terms

Polyvinyl chloride, a type of durable plastic resin used to manufacture vinyl building products.

Cellular Vinyl:
An extruded PVC profile with a solid outer skin and strong, durable cellular core.

A patented finish that does not require painting and is guaranteed for 10 years against UV discoloration.

Wood grain pattern rolled or formed into the facing of an extruded vinyl building material.

Expansion and contraction:
Construction material expanding when heated or contracting when cooled, along with exterior temperature fluctuations.

A generic term referring to nails, screws, bolts and metal hardware.

Light Reflecting Value (LRV):
A measure of the amount of light that is reflected off a surface. As a rule, the higher the LRV, the lighter the colour.

Scarf Joint:
Method of joining two members end to end. Builders favor it because it yields a barely visible glue line.

A device of stainless steel used to shape vinyl building products.

A machine that converts raw PVC compound to molten plastic and forces it through a die.

Discoloration, disintegration, wear or other adverse effects resulting from prolonged exposure to the outdoor elements.