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Cellular PVC Trim & Moulding


Q: What are Vi-Lux products?

A: Vi-Lux mouldings are a trim product line for homes and light industrial applications made of expanded polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Offering the appearance and workability of wood, PVC has a small cell structure, with a density and weight comparable to wood. Its unique physical properties make it the product of choice for builders, renovators and homeowners seeking superior performance on a trim product.

Q: Do Vi-Lux PVC mouldings outperform wood?

A: Absolutely. It offers far better resistance to weathering, rot, moisture, mildew, and will not cup, split, warp, or delaminate. Vi-Lux mouldings is impervious to insect infestation, including termites and carpenter ants.

Q: Can Vi-Lux mouldings be used in load bearing applications?

A: No, but they may be used in span applications such as soffits and ceilings. Always follow our installation guidelines.

Q: Where are Vi-Lux mouldings used?

A: Vi-Lux mouldings are perfect for non-structural exterior trim and decorative applications, such as trim, window and door surrounds and millwork. It is also ideal for industrial applications where durability and aesthetics are of major importance.

Q: How should Vi-Lux mouldings be stored?

A: On a flat, level surface. As with some soft-woods, our product tends to conform to the surface on which it is stored over long periods of time at medium to high ambient temperatures.

Q: How are Vi-Lux mouldings cleaned?

A: Generally, Vi-Lux mouldings can be cleaned with ordinary water. However, should deeper cleaning be required, Vi-Lux mouldings can be cleaned with a factory-approved cleaner after installation. See our cleaning guidelines for details.

Q: Can Vi-Lux mouldings be drilled?

A: Yes, and with standard woodworking drill-bits, but not using bits specifically for normal rigid PVC. Use caution to avoid friction heat build-up, and remove bit shavings from drill holes frequently.

Q: How should Vi-Lux mouldings be cut?

A: With the same tools used to cut wood. Circular saws, jigsaws, and band saws all do the job well, with carbide tipped blades recommended. Undue friction, improper board support or worn and inadequate tooling may result in rough edges.

Q: Can Vi-Lux mouldings be milled and routed to achieve a custom look?

A: Certainly. Use the same milling machinery and routing equipment that you would use with wood (carbide bits recommended). As with wood, tooling sharpness and operating speeds will determine the quality of machined work. Usually, sanding will not be required to achieve a smooth finish.

Q: Can Vi-Lux mouldings be glued?

A: Yes. Vi-Lux mouldings adheres very well to wood, masonry and other substrates using standard construction adhesives. To glue Vi-Lux mouldings sections together or to other PVC products use standard PVC cement. Check manufacturers’ guidelines to ascertain adhesive workability.

Q: Can Vi-Lux mouldings be nailed?

A: Vi-Lux nails just the way wood does. Hand or power nailing are fine. And weatherproof wire nails suitable for wood also work very well. As with wood, use two fasteners for every framing member in trim applications. Fasteners should be installed no further than 2” from the end of each piece.

Q: Do Vi-Lux mouldings need painting?

A: No. Vi-Lux mouldings do not need to be painted to maintain colour or weather-resistance. Its standard matte white colour compliments most exteriors.

Q: Can Vi-Lux mouldings be painted?

A: Of course. In fact, Vi-Lux mouldings accepts paint more readily than wood, and holds up for years without repainting. The best news: No preparations for painting are required, other than ensuring surfaces are clean and dry.

Q: What type of paint should be used on Vi-Lux mouldings?

A: For optimum results, we suggest 100% acrylic latex paint. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for application and preparation instructions.

Q: Are Vi-Lux mouldings fire-resistant?

A: Cellular PVC product have an oxygen index value rating of 35%. All materials with a value greater than 28% are considered self-extinguishing. All of that meaning removal of an active flame will stop cellular PVC from burning.

Q: Are Vi-Lux mouldings under warranty?

A: Yes. Vi-Lux mouldings comes with a 25 year warranty.
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