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Cellular PVC Trim & Moulding


In today’s market environment, consumers are gravitating toward the benefits of maintenance-free, quality products that add value and beauty to their homes. Cellular PVC is a durable building material that works like wood but lasts much longer and requires far less maintenance, making it a more economical alternative. Cellular PVC products outperform pine in impact strength, water absorption, dimensional stability, screw-holding power, resistance to flame and maintenance requirements.

The full line of Vi-Lux cellular PVC products includes attractive and durable interior mouldings, low maintenance and long lasting exterior mouldings, door and shutter components and trimboards for fascia, corner and frieze boards, columns, soffits and many other applications where milled or finished wood shapes are normally used.

Made to ASTM standards*, Vi-Lux mouldings are extruded from UV stabilized, high impact, virgin PVC resin.


Vi-Lux’s Durability and Strength

Vi-Lux products:

  • Will not absorb moisture
  • Will not rot
  • Resist mildew or fungus
  • Are UV and salt resistant
  • Are dimensionally stable – low thermal expansion index
  • Offer excellent strength and surface hardness
  • Are 100% insect resistant (including termites)
  • Are sanitary and 100% waterproof

High-Quality Finish

Vi-Lux products are extruded with a solid surface skin, which is both smooth and hard. This results in millwork that is beautiful, hard, durable, and more resistant to dents and scratches. Vi-Lux Building Products Inc. now offers all of its exterior mouldings with a factory finished VI-GUARD® coating. Our VI-GUARD® coating system carries a 10 year warranty against UV discolouration. However, it may be repainted when desired using acrylic latex or oil-based paint.

Low Maintenance

  • Exterior vinyl in all applications for longer life
  • Resists most scratches
  • Easy to clean
  • No painting required


  • Bendable for odd shapes and uneven surfaces
  • Easy to work with using standard power tools
  • Can be fastened with nails, screws, or adhesives