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Environmental Statement

Vi-Lux Building Products Inc. has an active ISO 14001 Environmental process that regularly reviews and evaluates the Company’s operating procedures & processes for the purpose of continuously improving sustainability and reducing the Company’s environmental footprint.

The extrusion of cellular PVC profiles does not consume huge amounts of electrical power and the process does not emit any hazardous or dangerous fumes.  Both of these factors are monitored on a regular basis to conserve power and ensure regulatory compliance.  CFC & CHFC are not used or emitted during manufacture.  All coatings used in our process are water soluble, low VOC and qualify for Green Seal environmental certification.  The paints and primers are applied using a high pressure automated paint system that does not use solvents.  The processed water used in both the extrusion and compounding processes is re-circulated in a closed loop reconditioning system on a continuous basis to virtually eliminate processed water re-entering the city water system.

Vi-Lux Building Products Inc. recycles plastic, cardboard, wood pallets and steel.  We re-use cardboard drums for material storage.  Vi-Lux Building Products Inc. actively pursues projects to reduce or eliminate consumables like paper and cardboard from our product packaging.  All 45 gallon steel drums used for raw materials, oil & paint are recycled to suppliers or to environmentally certified scrap recovery companies.  Overruns, excess finished goods inventory and production scrap are re-ground and recycled back into the production process, eliminating the need to send the waste to landfill sites.

Vi-Lux’s product is a direct alternative & replacement for wood trim, and the use of our product as an alternative will reduce the depletion of forests & trees.  Our products have the distinct advantage over wood products because they do not rot or decay.  The protective paint used on our product eliminates UV discoloration and extends the life of the product beyond that of comparable wood products.  These products are maintenance free and do not require replacement due to moisture, mould, mildew or insects.