Cellular PVC Trim & Mouldings
Cellular PVC Trim & Mouldings

Vi-Lux fits most applications,
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Vi-Frame® Exterior Door System

Vi-Frames are paintable and stainable door frames offering a complete solution for builders READ MORE...

Cellular PVC Trim & Moulding

Saint-Gobain Acquires Vi-Lux Building Products, a Cellular PVC Specialty Trim Manufacturer in Canada

PRESS RELEASE: Saint-Gobain Acquires Vi-Lux Building Products
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Another Innovative Product from Vi-Lux

For more than 20 years, Vi-Lux has been manufacturing and marketing maintenance-free cellular PVC trim & moulding products for use in housing and light industrial construction applications across North America.

We start by offering a product line that simplifies life for builders and their customers. All Vi-Lux products are made with virgin materials and our methods of product distribution and customer service are designed to exceed accepted industry standards.

The Vi-Lux triple promise – ever-improving product, extremely attentive customer service and competitive pricing – continues to win over customers across North America. We invite you to discover the benefits of cellular PVC trim and mouldings.

Window & Door Surround Systems

Vi-Lux surrounds compliment any type of architecture, are pre-finished, and easy install READ MORE...

Interior / Exterior Trim & Mouldings

Vi-Lux offers a wide range
of boards and profiles to suit any build